You dodged my queries about your “shill” allegation.

FDR ranks just behind Lincoln among our greatest leaders because he…

  1. Ameliorated & ultimately conquered the Great Depression, while instituting reforms to prevent future downturns and reduce poverty among the elderly & fatherless families.
  2. Vanquished the Axis.

He made plenty of errors along the way, as did every one of our great leaders. There are no perfect people, presidents, or historians.

Obama issued fewer executive orders per year than any president since 1889, the end of Grover Cleveland’s first term. You may object to the content of his orders, but not the quantity. (The same data shows Trump on pace to issue more executive orders than any president since FDR.)

You are right that Clinton shares some responsibility with Dubya for the 2007 financial crisis.

But on balance, Carter, Clinton & Obama strengthened our international standing & reputation. Americans felt increasingly good about our place in the world from the mid-’60s until Dubya did lasting damage to our international reputation. We’ve seen some recovery under Obama, but bad slippage again already under Trump. International polling by Pew and Gallup confirm the validity of our feelings.

Carter suffered indisputable setbacks in Iran & Afghanistan, but he won enormous international respect and goodwill for Panama & Israel. Clinton & Obama earned similar world acclaim. How do you think Clinton’s eight years of peace & prosperity hurt our global standing? I am on the record with some of my reservations about Obama’s foreign policy.

I discuss objective criteria for presidential greatness and discuss how ideology inevitably shapes our choices here.

History, politics, education, music, culture. Award-winning high school teacher, former principal. College instructor. Seahawks Diehard. Twitter: @brian_mrbmkz

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