Um… then who will you be voting for?

I buy #2 and #4.

But not #1: A generation separates Clinton and Obama, and Hillary had far more political experience than Barack in 2008. However, Nixon and Kennedy were both members of the World War II generation. Tricky Dick was only 4 years older than JFK, but they both entered politics in 1946. By 1960, they equal tenures in politics, though the quality of that experience (Kennedy remained in the Senate while Nixon served as Vice-President) did differ.

#3 and #5 are extreme stretches. In both cases, Hillary has a speck in her eye where Tricky Dick had a beam.

Clinton’s private email server is unfortunate, but that pales alongside the naked malice of Nixon’s dirty tricks, enemy lists, audiotaping, destruction of evidence, obstruction of justice, suborning perjury, authorizing burglaries, firing attorneys general, etc.

Benghazi = 2 US deaths, and the case for the Secretary of State’s responsibility is thin. (The Pentagon provides embassy security. If we need to blame anyone in the Cabinet, shouldn’t it be the Secretary of Defense?)

Vietnam = 20,000 US deaths + several hundred thousand Southeast Asians, and Nixon’s responsibility is clear, because his campaign sabotaged a 1968 peace deal and needlessly prolonged the war for political gain. See:

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