Single motherhood is both a cause and a symptom of poverty, but not an absolute predictor of indigence.


Two of the “succeeding” groups you identify — Native Americans and Latinos — rival blacks in their rates of single motherhood.


Family structure & race/ethnicity shape poverty rates for children.


Note the absence of Native Americans from the above table. Their stats often go unreported because they’re just 1% of the population, and because the news is grim: of all ethnic groups, they are the poorest, least employed, shortest-lived, most likely to be crime victims, etc.

While unwed motherhood clearly contributes to poverty, this is not a uniquely black problem. African American indigence stems partly from poor choices made by the living, but is also a legacy of bad deeds done by people long dead.

History, politics, education, music, culture. Award-winning high school teacher, former principal. College instructor. Seahawks Diehard. Twitter: @brian_mrbmkz

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