Recovering from electoral suicide

Students at Wellesley College (HRC’s alma mater) react to last night’s election results (Photo Credit: CNN)

Hillary Clinton may yet win the popular vote, but the Electoral College apparently already handed the keys to the White House to an unqualified con man who pitched an objectively Fascist program.

Disappointment in last night’s election is understandable, but no decent American can afford the luxury of dejection. There is no time to wallow in our misery; too many people urgently need our help.

Last night’s win emboldened every bigot, bully, skinhead and Klansman in the country. Hate crimes spiked during the campaign, and may continue to rise now.

We cannot accept that. We must speak out against intolerance. We must stand with, embrace and defend Muslims, Latinos, immigrants, and people of color.

With iron determination, relentless decency and unflappable good cheer, we shall fight every hateful element of Trump’s program through every legitimate political and legal channel, and — if necessary — through peaceful civil disobedience.

We need to build bridges with Trump voters and with the decent elements of the GOP. Many of them will soon realize their mistake, and we will need their help to build a movement to save the Republic from Fascism.

If we stand strong, we can defeat Trump’s bid to build an authoritarian regime. There will be no mass deportation. No police state. No theft of health insurance from 20 million Americans. No reversal of marriage equality. No nutjob imperialism. No destruction of NATO and the other alliances that form the foundation of security for this country and the rest of the Free World.

Where we can reach sensible compromises with Trump and the GOP to advance the general welfare, we shall do so. We shall not imitate the childish obstructionism with which the Republican majority has blocked the current president at every turn.

This country has triumphed over far tougher times than this.

About 75 years ago, we shook off the Great Depression and rallied the world against Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan.

In 1865, we crushed a widespread Rebellion and ended slavery.

Two hundred and forty years ago — just months after declaring independence in 1776 — Britain was badly beating us in the Revolutionary War. At that time, Tom Paine wrote

There is no time for crying. Get up and get to work. Love is stronger than hate.

History, politics, education, music, culture. Award-winning high school teacher, former principal. College instructor. Seahawks Diehard. Twitter: @brian_mrbmkz

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