Nope: Jeb fizzled, Biden leads

Bizarre. So much wrong here.

  1. Biden is nothing like Jeb.

Jeb elicited zero enthusiasm & was among the first major GOP candidates to fold in 2016, crushed beneath Trump's "outsider" Fascist juggernaut.

Biden started slow, but huge Super Tuesday wins generated unstoppable momentum. As real Democrats rallied to him, he easily defeated Sanders’ "outsider" leftist challenge, and appears poised for a landslide general election win. He is striking a good balance between hammering Trump and promoting his own positive vision.

2. The media has in fact held back on Trump.

Interviewers routinely fail to press him on his lies and ignorance. Trump generates his own negative coverage by lying far more frequently than everyone else, but when he gets fact-checked, he whines about being treated unfairly. So, media outlets that fear losing Trumpster viewers and subscribers have gone easy on him. Few news organizations have the financial security and integrity to fact-check him with the ruthless and relentless thoroughness customarily applied to every other major political figure.

3. Trump's approval ratings are in fact falling.

4. Fox News ratings do not predict electoral outcomes.

Fox preaches to the converted. All networks recorded ratings surges during the second quarter because most of the country was following state and local COVID-19 Stay Home orders.

5. McCain lost because no Republican could have won in 2008

Dubya lied the country into a quagmire in Iraq and wrecked the economy. Any GOP nominee would have lost every swing state, no matter what.

6. You misrepresented Obama’s record

Obama launched Obamacare, led a steady economic recovery, killed Osama bin Laden, and made progress in Iraq and Afghanistan.

You’re most wrong on education: In fact, American schools improved significantly under Obama. The article you cited describes a particular program that produced disappointing results. However, look at how the high school dropout rate plummeted on his watch:

However, a hostile GOP Congress blocked criminal justice reform and stonewalled any effort to reverse a 40-year trend toward income inequality.

Biden, however, is building a mighty center-liberal-left coalition that should be able to win the White House, secure lasting control of Congress, and pass the bold reforms he has outlined.

History, politics, education, music, culture. Award-winning high school teacher, former principal. College instructor. Seahawks Diehard. Twitter: @brian_mrbmkz

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