In what sense do you think I am a shill, exactly? How does your application of the term to me square with your complaint elsewhere in the thread about name-calling?

All presidents make mistakes, including great ones like FDR. It’s odd to pin the limited recovery on his watch on the NRA, which the Supreme Court quickly killed. Keynes himself was barely a Keynesian in the sense we now use the term, but the general idea of public borrowing to fuel a recovery is pretty clearly vindicated by comparing the failure of Hoover’s limited public works projects vs. FDR’s more successful New Deal programs vs. FDR’s “spend whatever it takes to win” approach during World War II. The catch is you need to pay down the debt in good times. When you don’t (e.g., Reagan & the Bushes), then we all get soaked, and it’s harder to borrow boldly when you need it.

As for Stalin taking eastern Europe during World War II, that was tragic, but I suggest considering the larger strategic picture and the extreme war weariness of the Allies by that point. Operation Unthinkable was aptly named.

History, politics, education, music, culture. Award-winning high school teacher, former principal. College instructor. Seahawks Diehard. Twitter: @brian_mrbmkz

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