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  • Shyam Sundar

    Shyam Sundar

    Always lost in amazing ideas. Engineer, a polymath in progress and a student of life. Reach me at rampallishyam@outlook.com

  • KJ


  • Mahmud Minhad

    Mahmud Minhad

  • Carol Hubbard

    Carol Hubbard

    Writer, practical idealist, continual learner. Writing a book about the beloved American woman who “looked like a queen” (T. Roosevelt) https://carolhubbard.com

  • Frank Moone

    Frank Moone

    I like cultural criticism, classics, philosophy, poetry and plays. I enjoy long novels and have been in rock bands since the 1960s.

  • ttoshi Qrs

    ttoshi Qrs

    I am networker and Heard working person

  • Antonio Jimenez

    Antonio Jimenez

    I am a published writer, political analyst, and podcaster with a love for reading, travel, and music. I hope you enjoy my work! Fiverr: aljimenez20.

  • Leolady


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